Best Infrared Saunas of 2020

We put together our rankings of the best infrared saunas for home use, and details of each to help you make an informed buying decision and start enjoying the health benefits.

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best infrared sauna, best infrared sauna for home use
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  • Carbon fiber heater panels for even distribution of heat and each heater panel’s full surface area is used
  • Each panel is strategically placed to ensure full-body coverage
  • Tongue and groove construction that forms a flush seal to keep heat inside the cabin
  • Tempered glass door that’s aesthetically pleasing and durable
  • Modular design that’s easy to put together

Who It’s Best For: This sauna is good for someone who’s willing to break the $1,000 mark but still wants to keep the price low on their sauna. It’s designed beautifully, is spacious, and is constructed of 100% chemical-free Canadian hemlock wood.

The Basics: This sauna is beautifully made from hemlock wood and it’s non-toxic thanks to the fact that the wood is chemical-free. It comes in at under $1200 currently on Amazon and has space for two.

It includes seven carbon fiber far infrared heaters for full coverage and it includes two high-end speakers with Bluetooth capabilities.

There is a digital control panel so you can simply set the temperature and enjoy relaxation.

While the interior feels spacious, its exterior size is fairly compact, so you can add it in a garage, basement, or anywhere you have just a bit of space.

Reviews: One reason that we selected this as a best far infrared sauna is because of the great reviews. Reviewers describe it as a comfortable heat and say the sauna can easily be used in their home without any worry about moisture.

According to reviews, it only takes around 10 to 15 minutes to heat up and it’s easy to use several times a week. One review even said after she uses this sauna it feels like every cell in her body opens and wakes up.

However, there are a few things to be aware of before you purchase. First, even though it is technically a two-person sauna, if you want to put your feet up or stretch out, you’ll likely only be able to fit one person.


best infrared saunas for home use, best home infrared sauna
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  • Infrared color therapy light
  • Music player with CD, radio and auxiliary inputs
  • Six carbon heaters
  • High-quality oxygen ionizer for fresh, clean air
  • Solid wood design and construction
  • Bronze-tinted tempered glass doors

Who It’s Best For: The Radian Saunas 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna is best if you want steady and even heat and a long warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty with this infrared sauna for home use is even years.

The Basics: This pick for one of the best infrared saunas for home use features six high-quality carbon heaters that allow for comfortable, ambient and evenly distributed heat throughout the cabin.

There’s relaxing chromotherapy light and all the products from this company are designed and engineered in America.

The heaters go up to 141 degrees Fahrenheit and this sauna includes infrared color therapy lights and EZ-touch controls so you can easily adjust the heat, music, and light.

Reviews: As with the other picks for the best home infrared sauna on this list, this one has very good reviews for the most part.

It takes around 20 minutes to reach the maximum temperature according to customer reviews, and even after having it for a year or more reviewers still say they feel it’s excellent.

Based on reviews, assembly is pretty simple and the wiring is well done and ready to be installed without much fuss.

Like many of the other two-person saunas on this list, while there is technically enough room for two people, if you want to stretch out this is probably more of a one-person sauna.

It’s a beautifully constructed sauna that works well aesthetically, and the light therapy adds a different dimension to this sauna that many others don’t have.

One reviewer also pointed out that prior to buying this infrared home sauna, she was spending $45 a session at her local sauna studio, making this a sauna that can quickly pay for itself.


best infrared sauna, best far infrared sauna, best far infrared sauna reviews, best home infrared sauna
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  • Nine infrared carbon energy efficient heating panels including a foot heater
  • Heating panels are 30% larger than saunas heated with ceramic tubes for 40% more skin penetration
  • Built-in radio, CD and MP3 auxiliary connection with speakers
  • Plugs into a dedicated 20 amp 120-volt outlet
  • Can be installed anywhere indoors, including on carpet
  • Chromotherapy lighting system uses the science of color to adjust body vibrations—each color uses frequencies of a specific vibration to help different physical symptoms
  • Clasp together assembly which should only take 30 to 45 minutes
  • Low EMF panels
  • Temperature operates up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Soft-touch control panels and LED display

Who It’s Best For: The spacious sauna is best for someone who wants to be able to enjoy the sauna with their partner or loved ones and have ample space, but still spend under $2,000.

The Basics: This infrared sauna truly is for multiple people. It combines the modern technology of far infrared carbon heating panels and a beautiful look created with reforested Canadian hemlock wood.

The walls of the sauna are double-panel constructed and they are very thick for longevity and sturdy construction. The quality construction and materials used with this sauna also mean it heats up more efficiently and does so faster and uses less energy so it’s just a more efficient product altogether.

 One of the most unique features of this sauna is the fact that it contains a foot heating panel, which most models don’t.

Reviews: This sauna has five stars on Amazon and currently, you can get $125 off if you are approved for the Amazon Business Prime Card. Beyond that, reviewers say this system heats up much faster than previous infrared saunas they’ve used in their home, and they find that it’s very spacious and comfortable to sit in.

Reviewers say the light therapy feature improves how relaxing it is to sit in, and they like how evenly the panels heat up. Some people who have left reviews say they feel like this sauna has brought measurable benefits to their lives, such as a reduction in blood pressure. They also say the company’s customer service is impeccable.

best far infrared sauna reviews, best home infrared sauna, best infrared sauna for home use
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  • Full six-person capacity
  • 6 mm interior and exterior wood planks
  • Clear tempered glass door with side windows
  • 15 low-EMF far infrared carbon heating panels
  • Includes a 15-inch drop-down monitor so you can watch TV as well as SD, USB, FM, CD, DVD and radio connections
  • LED display
  • Double wood-paneled construction to ensure heating efficiency and less wasted energy as well as faster overall heating up process
  • Can be used anywhere indoors including on carpet and in a basement, closet, garage or master bath

Best For: Luxury lovers who want a full-scale sauna experience in the comfort of their home as well as an incredibly low EMF sauna.

The Basics: This sauna is the most expensive on our list, but it’s also amazing. This sauna features 15 different low-EMF far infrared carbon heating panels and a six-person capacity. It’s made from reforested Canadian hemlock wood and has a clear tempered glass door with side windows.

What’s Especially amazing about this high-end home sauna is all the seating. Typically when you have an at-home sauna, you’ll buy backrests and other accessories that will make it more comfortable, but this sauna has all that built-in.

There are curved seat rests at different levels throughout the sauna and even so, it’s snap assembly that should take less than an hour. This sauna also includes the chromotherapy lighting system to adjust to the vibrations of your physical symptoms and help alleviate them.

Reviews: This sauna also has great reviews, like the others on this list. Reviews say that the buyers have owned other saunas previously so they have a basis for comparison, and this luxury sauna is everything the makers so it will be and the quality is great and well worth the money.

best infrared sauna, best infrared sauna for home use
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  • Small footprint
  • Made from eastern hemlock
  • Includes CD, radio and auxiliary output
  • Three ceramic infrared heaters
  • LED control panel
  • Heat up to 141 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Low EMF
  • Canadian hemlock construction resists warping and insulates heat
  • Bronze-tinted tempered glass door

Best For: This compact sauna is best for someone who wants a budget-friendly, space-saving option but still wants to enjoy all the benefits a sauna brings, including soothing sore muscles and joints and better overall health.

This sauna has the smallest footprint of any of the options reviewed on this list and you could put in your bedroom, bathroom, home gym or really anywhere you have a minimal amount of space. This sauna comes in at less than $1,000 as well.

The Basics: This slim sauna will help you work up a healthy sweat and start glowing. It comes with a seven-year manufacturer warranty. The exterior depth is 35.74 inches and the interior width is 33 inches.

The design includes high-end curved door handles, and there are intuitive, easy-to-use controls. There’s also a built-in magazine rack and the heaters are ceramic. There are a total of three heaters.

Reviews: According to reviews, this sauna does everything it says it will. The construction is simple, and it can be done by a single person.

Reviews do not that you’ll likely need a sauna backrest with this option however, because otherwise you’ll be resting directly on the heating panels. Reviewers say this is a sauna that is worth every penny and very relaxing

What Is the Best Infrared Sauna?

If you’ve ever wanted to buy the best infrared sauna for home use, with the rise of sites like Amazon, you’re in luck.

It’s more accessible and affordable than ever before to have your own home sauna. An infrared sauna is a particular type of sauna that works well for in-home use and delivers a variety of benefits.

We’ll cover the best infrared sauna for home use, why infrared saunas have health benefits, and how to choose the right sauna for your needs.

Saunas have a long history, dating back two thousand years to Finland. Even further back than that, civilizations like the Mayans were known to use sweat houses for health and spiritual purposes.

Saunas have become an important part of many cultures around the world in terms of relaxation, improving health, and their rituals.

What Are the Different Types of Saunas?

You may not have realized it, but infrared saunas are only one type. The following are all of the main types of saunas.

  • Traditional Finnish Sauna: A traditional Finnish sauna is one that might first come to mind when you envision a sauna in general. A Finnish sauna uses heated rocks, and there’s a bucket of water and ladle used. When you use the sauna you can create and control the humidity directly by adding water to the rocks. This creates more steam and your humidity can range from 20% to 40%. The higher the temperature you enjoy inside this type of sauna, the lower the humidity will be.
  • Dry Sauna: A dry sauna is also a traditional form of a sauna because there are heated rocks. The main difference is that you don’t use water on the rocks. There’s lower humidity and this is the type of sauna you’ll most often see in gyms and spas.
  • Steam bath: When you enjoy a steam bath, there’s a lower temperature but the humidity hovers around 100%. The humidity makes you feel as if the temperature is higher than what it really is.
  • Infrared sauna: An infrared sauna is our favorite type because there isn’t any humidity. Your sauna will raise your core body temperature through the use of infrared lamps. These lamps use what are called electromagnetic radiation to warm your body directly. Your body heats up before the air heats up with this type of sauna, and these can operate at a lower temperature.

The Basics of An Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna uses infrared panels rather than conventional heat. As was touched on, your body heats up before the air does.

You can enjoy an infrared sauna at a lower temperature than a traditional sauna and still reap the benefits. For example, an infrared sauna can operate at a temperature of anywhere from 120 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

A traditional sauna, on the other hand, operates at temperatures ranging from 150 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

The claim with an infrared sauna compared to a traditional sauna is that only around 20% of the generated heat goes into the air while 80 percent directly reaches your body.

The theory here is that you’re getting a deeper penetration of heat, and you can sweat more intensely at a lower temperature.

There are actually different sub-categories of infrared saunas to be aware of as well.

Far Infrared Sauna

With a far infrared sauna, the waves will penetrate your body and activate your sweat glands. Your sweat glands play a pivotal role in eliminating toxins from your body.

When far infrared waves hit the water molecules that make up our body, they vibrate. The vibration reduces ion bonds, and then that leads to the breakdown of these water molecules so that toxic materials can then escape.

best infrared sauna for home use
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Full Spectrum Infrared

A full spectrum infrared sauna features near-infrared, mid-infrared and far-infrared waves.

Near-infrared waves are the shortest wavelength, and they absorb right below the surface of the skin.

Mid-infrared wavelengths are longer and penetrate deeper into your tissues. These waves can help boost your circulation, and release oxygen that can then travel to injured areas of your body.

Far-infrared are long waves that penetrate fat cell sand help detoxify your body and promote weight loss through the stimulation of your metabolism.

What Are Infrared Wavelengths?

The sun naturally produces a combination of light that’s both visible and invisible. One of the invisible spectrums is called an infrared ray. These infrared rays are why the sun feels warm to us.

Infrared waves can be therapeutic to the human body because they are absorbed easily by our bodies and they stimulate all of our systems including our lymphatic system, our cardiovascular system and our immune system, but without the damage that can be done by the sun’s rays.

In an infrared sauna, there are panels located inside that are these heaters.

Infrared vs. Traditional Saunas

You may wonder how infrared saunas are different from traditional saunas, and the biggest difference is in how heat is utilized.

A traditional sauna uses one heater that heats the air. The air then heats you, as the sauna user.

An infrared sauna uses heat that goes directly to you as the user.

This is more comfortable than a traditional sauna, and it still provides all of the health benefits.

What Are the Benefits of an Infrared Sauna?

There are some general benefits of infrared saunas that can occur relatively quickly. Usually, just a 15 to 20-minute sauna session can produce benefits including a boost in mood and clarity of thinking and relaxation that occurs when the body’s parasympathetic nervous system is activated. Using an infrared sauna can also lead to increased heart rate and sweating.

Using an infrared sauna can have effects on the body, similar to moderate exercise.

Since they also have these benefits at a lower temperature than a traditional sauna, they’re more accessible to more people who might not be able to tolerate higher temperatures.

Specific benefits of an infrared sauna are:

  • Detoxification: Our bodies are exposed to toxins every day, from the food we eat and water we drink to environmental pollution, medication, and more. When you sweat, it’s your body’s most effective natural means of removing toxins. Infrared saunas help you eliminate as much as seven times more toxins than traditional saunas.
  • Relaxation: Relaxation and chronic stress are linked to many illnesses. When you use a sauna, it can balance out your cortisol. Cortisol is one of our body’s primary stress hormones, and then when you’re in the heat it also relaxes your muscles, which can help relieve physical and mental tension.
  • Pain management: So many people deal with chronic pain, whether from illnesses, injuries or aging. Infrared sauna helps reduce inflammation, promote circulation and relax your muscles, all of which can help relieve pain. Specifically, regular infrared sauna sessions may help you if you have pain from arthritis.
  • Weight loss: When your core body temperature increases because of the exposure to the infrared sauna, it increases your heart rate. This also happens when you exercise. As your body starts working harder to lower your core temperature your body is burning more calories, which could help you lose weight.
  • Cardiovascular function: When you’re in an infrared sauna, it can help improve your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. There was also a review done by the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver that found evidence it can help with chronic pain and congestive heart failure.
  • Improvements in diabetes symptoms: There was a study published in the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2010 that looked at the effects of far infrared sauna on the quality of life in people with type 2 diabetes. It found that sauna use helped them deal with many of the symptoms associated with type 2 diabetes including chronic fatigue, depression and pain. It helped improve their pain threshold and contributed to an improved overall sense of well-being.
  • Improved sleep
  • Clearer, firmer skin
  • Improvements in chronic fatigue syndrome: There have been a few small studies that have found infrared sauna can be an effective part of an overall treatment plan for people with chronic fatigue.
best home saunas
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Should You Consider Getting an Infrared Sauna?

Some of the people who may benefit most from infrared sauna include individuals with diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, depression and mood disorders, and chronic pain sufferers should also explore the benefits of an at-home infrared sauna.

Are There Risks of Using an Infrared Sauna?

Using an infrared sauna is incredibly common, and there are few known risks. You will sweat a lot, and at first you may experience mild discomfort, so start out only staying in the sauna for short periods of time. For example, you might stay for just five minutes or so as you adjust to the effects.

Then, you can gradually extend your time, and some people stay in their infrared sauna for as long as 30 minutes per session.

You should drink plenty of water when you’re in the sauna and after you get out.

Infrared saunas are considered safe for most people, even when they can’t tolerate other types of saunas, although you should always speak to your doctor.

Also, the wavelengths used in an infrared sauna are too long for the eyes to perceive them, so you don’t have to worry about eye damage as you might with other forms of light therapy.

If you are pregnant, you should never use an infrared sauna without speaking to your doctor and if you have an existing medical condition, you should as well.

How Do You Use an Infrared Sauna?

When you use an infrared sauna, first, you should have a glass of water before you begin, and also consider bringing a glass with you into the sauna.

You’ll need to choose a temperature and most infrared saunas have a temperature that ranges from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a good idea to start on the lower end as you’re getting used to it and then work your way up in terms of temperature.

If you’re a first-time user, you can start with a session of anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes, or perhaps even less. Then, you can gradually add time during each session until you’re staying in for 20 to 30  minutes.

There will be a timer on your sauna, so use it. Staying in too long puts you at risk for dehydration and other health concerns. Don’t use your infrared sauna when you’ve been drinking or alcohol, and be aware that when you first stand up after a sauna session, you might feel lightheaded, which is normal.

Once your session ends, step out of your sauna, let your body cool down first, and then have a shower or bath. Drink plenty of water the entire time.

The recommendation as far as how often to use an infrared sauna weekly is anywhere from three to four times, but if you’re healthy, enjoy it and tolerate it well, you could use it every day.

Celebrities Who Use Infrared Sauna

Your favorite celebrity might be an infrared sauna lover. If you use Instagram, you might even see many of them lounging in their saunas they have at-home or going to expensive sauna spas, where you can pay upwards of $30 for each session. You can get the best infrared sauna for home use and feel like a celebrity for a fraction of the cost.

A few celebrities who have recently mentioned using an infrared sauna include:

  • Busy Phillips: The actress and comedian often posts on her Instagram about how much she loves infrared sauna, and she goes to different spas to use them. She says it’s not like regular saunas where she can only last for about 10 minutes without feeling uncomfortable. She also promotes the fact that infrared saunas have benefits like deep muscle relaxation, cardiovascular health and they can promote detoxing.
  • Bethenny Frankel: The SkinnyGirl mogul has an infrared sauna at her Hamptons home and often uses dry brushing before getting into the sauna to promote even more detoxification and help improve the health and appearance of her skin.
  • Jennifer Aniston: Jennifer Aniston is often described as being ageless and the lover of all things health and fitness-related has over the years said an infrared sauna is an important part of her self-care routine. Aniston says she uses infrared saunas to rejuvenate her skin, lose weight and detoxify. She has also mentioned the potential of saunas to help with cell generation.
  • Kim Kardashian: Kardashian received an at-home infrared sauna as a gift from husband, Kanye West. She has an entire room dedicated to her infrared sauna, in fact.
  • Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga has inflammation-related pain and fibromyalgia and credits infrared sauna with helping reduce her pain, particularly as she’s preparing for a show.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow: Gwyneth Paltrow is an award-winning actress and Hollywood royalty, but in recent years she’s focused a lot more on health and wellness, launching her company Goop. Paltrow has an infrared sauna in her home, and she often encourages readers of her blog to use them as a way to stimulate the lymphatic sweat and help you work up a health detoxifying sweat.

How to Choose the Best Infrared Sauna for Home Use

Choosing the best infrared sauna for home use is a big decision. This is an investment that’s going to make your home feel more luxurious, potentially improve your health and is also going to take up space in your home.

When you’re looking at the best far infrared sauna reviews, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, so we put together things to consider as you’re making a decision.

Sauna Quality

One of the big things to think about when choosing the best infrared sauna for home use is the quality of the infrared and how much infrared energy you receive.

You don’t necessarily need to have the hottest heater, but instead, you want one that reaches peak wavelengths that are similar to the infrared light of the sun.

Something else to think about are heater EMF levels. If you were buying an at-home infrared sauna around a decade ago, EMF levels were high, but these levels can be dangerous.

You should look for an infrared sauna with an EMF level of 3.0 mG or lower.

Sometimes cheaper sauna brands will have higher EMF levels.

EMF stands for electromagnetic frequency.

The Company

Buying a sauna on Amazon is good for a few different reasons. First, you have fast shipping and you can often get installation services on your order as well.

Amazon has the option to make payments with no interest on many bigger items, including an infrared sauna in many cases, and you can easily return the item.

However, even when you’re buying the best home infrared sauna on Amazon, you should also do some research on the background of the company.

You want a company that has a long, positive history in the industry and understand the ins and outs of designing a great infrared sauna.


One of the biggest differences between buying the best home far infrared sauna for home and going to a spa or wellness center where they have one is often the size.

For your at-home sauna, you’ll probably choose a sauna with one or two seats, because you may not have room for much else, plus it may just be you and perhaps one other person using the sauna in your home.

Along with the actual seats, you want to look at where the heaters are, and how much foot space you’ll have.

For example, if you went with a corner unit, it might take up less overall space in your home, but it might not have heat in the places you want it.

It may be best to look for a sauna configuration that has heaters behind the legs, beside the legs, and beside your upper torso. You might also find a configuration with heating panels in front of the body.

The more panels are around you, the more heat is going to penetrate deep into your body, and the more benefits you’ll get from having the best infrared sauna for home use.

Is There a Warranty?

You might want a warranty of at least a year, although if you buy on Amazon, you might not care as much about this because you can work with their customer service if there’s an issue.

How Easy Is It to Put Together?

If you’re buying a sauna for home use and you don’t want to pay for installation, it’s important to know how easy it is to put together. Many at-home saunas come with just a few wood panels that you can place together with one another, so they are fairly simple if you’re comfortable juggling the large size of these panels.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Infrared Sauna for Home Use (FAQs)

Are Infrared Saunas Safe?

Infrared saunas are very safe and healthy. You can be exposed to infrared sauna heat and light for long periods of time without the risk of burning. For example, infrared doesn’t contain dangerous and harmful UV rays like the sun does. Infrared light is actually so gentle and safe that it’s what hospitals use to warm newborns.

What Are the Benefits of Infrared Sauna?

There are numerous benefits of having an infrared sauna in your home. An infrared sauna creates what’s called hyperthermia throughout your entire body, which makes you have a deep, satisfying, and detoxifying sweat.

Sweating helps your body remove toxins more efficiently and effectively and when you remove toxins it can improve nearly all areas of your health including your immune system.

When you sweat it can help you burn calories, increase your metabolism and relax.

Using an infrared sauna can help with circulation, heart health, and lymphatic drainage as well.

What Is a Low EMF Sauna?

When you’re choosing a sauna, one consideration to keep in mind is that you should look for one that’s low EMF. Low EMF makes sure your sauna will be as safe as possible.

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields, which are energy waves that can be damaging if you’re exposed at high levels.

To choose a low EMF sauna you should look for traditional ceramic heaters in most cases because they tend to have a lower EMF output than carbon heaters.

How Long Should I Spend in the Sauna?

With an infrared sauna for home use, what’s great is that since you’re getting the benefits of the heat at lower temperatures you may be able to tolerate a session for longer than you could with a traditional sauna.

Many people will stay in their home sauna for anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes per session, however, you need to work your way up to that if you aren’t used to the sauna.

Once you get out of your home sauna, your body will still be detoxifying so try to wait at least a few minutes before you shower.

As you’re preparing to get in the infrared sauna, make sure you’re well-hydrated and bring water in with you.

Try to towel off while you’re in the sauna to wipe the toxins from your sweat away from your body so they don’t linger on your skin.

How Do You Clean An Infrared Sauna?

If you have a home sauna, you may be wondering how to clean it. First, every time someone uses your at-home infrared sauna, make sure you put a clean, dry towel on the bench. Then, to clean it run a damp cloth over the surface. Don’t use any chemical cleaners inside your sauna. You might also want to do a regular deep steam cleaning.

How Is an Infrared Sauna Different from a Traditional Sauna?

Infrared heat is gentle by deeply penetrating. It heats to the core of your body, and you can operate your infrared sauna at a temperature ranging from 100 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, as opposed to the heat of a traditional sauna which is often more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

A traditional sauna heats the air instead of heating your body directly, and this can be uncomfortable.

Infrared Carbon Fiber Vs. Ceramic Heaters

If you’re shopping for an infrared sauna for home use you may see that some are made with carbon fiber heaters and others with ceramic heaters.

A ceramic heater is an older option that’s been around for years. Carbon fiber heating technology is newer.

Carbon heaters can work at lower temperatures because of their infrared technology.

Ceramic heaters can heat an entire sauna to over 150 degrees.

Carbon fiber infrared sauna heaters do have lower temperatures and longer rays so you can stay in the sauna for longer and do so more comfortably. Carbon fiber heaters do also have a more even heat distribution and carbon fiber heaters can allow for better deep absorption into the skin for a more intense sweat.

Carbon fiber heaters are more energy-efficient and durable, while ceramic heaters heat up more quickly.